Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

CORE VALUES: Corporate culture of Ecoba ENT is encapsulated in three words




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  • Associated with the company’s slogan “Where your trust stays”, we put TRUST of customers, partners and employees in the top priority.
  • We always strive to make sure that our commitments to customers and partners are kept properly or higher than it must be, especially the commitments on product quality, service and implementation schedule.
  • We appreciate customers and always keep customer at center. We put the interests and expectations of customers at first and effort to bring customers the best products and services. We consider customer’s satisfaction is a measure of our business success.


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  • Associated with the mission “to bring a clean and sustainable development environment to society,” we put HEART as one of the cornerstones of business, it’s also the reason why “environmental” is chosen as our business field. We maintain professional ethics and social morality at the highest standard.
  • We actively participate in community-oriented activities that support to street-living children such as Koto Bike Rider or run to raise funds for cardiac surgery for the poor children such as Run for the Heart …


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  • We consider workers as the most valuable assets. So we build a professional, dynamic and creative working environment and provide preferential welfare policies, high income and equal ocupation opportunity for all staff.
  • We hold many extracurricular activities to take care of the spiritual life, enhance solidarity, facilitate the community for beter understanding each other, such as Teambuilding, Football competition, Picnic, Summer holiday tour…
  • Ecoba ENT’s human being always put emphasize on honesty, progress, responsibility and sharing. Each member of Ecoba ENT is always active and makes a constant effort in learning and fulfilling himself.
  • • In Ecoba ENT, each member identifies and considers company as their second home, where they spend most of their daily time for living and working. In any role and position, we are always proud of being Ecoba ENT’s member.