Commenced the construction of sewage treatment plant at VSIP Hai Duong

Commenced the construction of sewage treatment plant at VSIP Hai Duong

03/04/2017 08:10

The plant was commenced on March 31st morning by Ecoba Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Ecoba Environmental Technology Co., Ltd is the main contractor for project “Design and build of sewage treatment plant 2,500CMD (stage 1) and optional work for 2,450CMD (stage 2) at VSIP Hai Duong industrial park” at Cam Dien commune, Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province.

This is the second sewage treatment plant that Ecoba ENT was awarded and relied by VSIP after the successful project in Hai Phong. The plant is expected to be completed and operated in March 2018, to solve the sewage treatment demand at VSIP Hai Duong Industrial Park and optional for Phase 2.

GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY, package “Design and build of sewage treatment plant 2,500CMD (stage 1) and optional work for 2,450CMD (stage 2) at VSIP Hai Duong industrial park”

Ecoba ENT has many years of experience in design, construction and operation of sewage treatment systems. The company has applied modern technologies such as compiling physio-chemical method and biotechnology treatment by using efficient high-tech surface gas supply system. The plant’s process operates flexibly with the pre-physicochemical technology application, the latter biotechnology or vice versa.

Furthermore, the company has implemented and applied control technology – monitored by intelligent SCADA system integrated with online monitoring system. It can supervise, remotely control and retrieve SMS data to report important parameters that need to be monitored for operators whenever they do not work at the site and announce to regulatory authorities as well. In particular, the system also has warnings about the operating time, the time required for equipment maintenance. Therefore, this monitoring control system combined with online measurement equipment is to optimize the operation of the equipment, power savings and operating costs better than conventional systems.

Ecoba ENT has more than 10 years of experience related to sewage treatment with hundreds of large and medium size constructions using various efficient technologies and spreading from the North to the South. Moreover, the company carries out a good after-sales service for all customers by a conscientious and professional warranty policy. Ecoba ENT slogan is to hand over to customers advanced sewage treatment plants. On the other hand, the top company’s priority is to implement monitoring, quality supervision, equipment systems maintenance with the aim of stable and long-term operation in the system for customers.

Ecoba ENT has provided water supply and sewage treatment solutions for both domestic and foreign customers such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and big corporations of Vietnam Vingroup , Hoa Phat, FLC,etc with typical projects such as Yen So Sewage Treatment Plant, Bay Mau Lake, ParkHill, Samsung Thai Nguyen, Vsip Hai Phong, C.P Thailand at Phu Nghia and Cu Chi…

Mr. Vũ Đức Chung – Director of ECOBA ENT CO. LTD.

Announcing at the ground-breaking ceremony, Mr. Vu Duc Chung, Director of Ecoba ENT, said that the construction the sewwage treatment plant not only complies the regulations of State management, but also create clean and sustainable development environment for VSIP Hai Duong industrial park as well as region. Ecoba ENT committed to provide for the customers the products that guarantees quality, schedule, safety and high economic efficiency.


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