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Ecoba ENT “Growing Children Together” – Contributing meals to keep remoted children going to school

Recently Ecoba ENT has contributed nearly 2,000 lunches for 10 disadvantaged students in Dien Bien province in the school year 2021 – 2022, so that once again, school is no longer a far away dream, so that the “letter” can come closer to them.

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Ecoba ENT joyfully celebrates Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20

In the joyful atmosphere of Vietnamese Women on October 20, Ecoba ENT organized a special event to congratulate and encourage women after a long time of epidemic.

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Ecoba ENT deploys the program “Developing Initiative 2021”

In September 2021, Ecoba Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (Ecoba ENT) started implementing the program “Development of 2021 Initiatives” with the goal of finding innovations that can be developed into products for commercialization which also improve the operational and economic efficiency of the company…

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Ecoba ENT overcomes challenges, stands firm against pandemic

The resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic continues to have a profound impact on the global economy. However, Vietnam’s economic picture in the first 7 months of 2021 still has many bright spots with the flexible adaptability of businesses, in which Ecoba Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (Ecoba ENT) is also one of the few businesses that strive to reach out and overcome challenges to stay strong during the pandemic.

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“Run for Vaccine”: When Ecoba ENT’s Runners started running to support the Vietnam Vaccine Fund

More than 50% of Ecoba ENT employees have registered to participate in the “Run for Vaccine” online marathon with the desire to join hands to contribute to the country’s vaccine fund.

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