Biological treatment: Anaerobic – Anoxic – Oxic (A2O)/ AO/ O |

Biological treatment: Anaerobic - Anoxic - Oxic (A2O)/ AO/ O

Technology AAO.

Technology AO.

Technology features: Using microorganisms’ metabolism to biodegrade and transform biodegradable pollutants.
Treatment process: anaerobic (A) treats high-load BOD, COD, phosphorus, anoxic (A) treats Nitrogen and small amount of BOD, COD, Oxic (O) treats the remaining BOD and transform nitrogen.
Depends on waste water characteristics, 1, 2 or 3 treatment steps can be used.
– Little amount of sludge generated.
– Is a conventional and popular treatment methods, easy operation, can be programmed to automation.
– Effectively treat BOD, COD, Nitrogen, Phosphorus.
– Able to treat waste water of high organic load.
– Sensitive to temperature, pH, SS, heavy metals and other toxic components in influent waste water.
– Occupy average and above-average area.
AAO: waste water of food, husbandry and slaughtering, textile and dyeing industries… with high load of organic pollutants (high BOD, COD, phosphorus).
AO: waste water with high load of N, average BOD, COD (domestic waste water in general, industrial zone waste water, husbandry and slaughterhouse waste water…).
O: waste water contains average BOD, COD, little Nitrogen.

Small to large capacity

Other technology

Principles and Applications of MESR Green Solution
Principles and Applications of MESR Green Solution

MESR Green solution has ushered in a new age in wastewater treatment system design, not only helping to enhance treatment efficiency and reduce work area, but also contributing to significant cost savings. times when compared to old technology.

Clean water treatment technology
Clean water treatment technology

Tùy từng mục đích sử dụng khác nhau như nước dùng cho ăn uống, nước phục vụ sinh hoạt hay nước phục vụ sản xuất... mà chất lượng nước sạch phải đảm bảo theo các quy chuẩn khác nhau, đảm bảo chất lượng nước sau xử lý đạt yêu cầu cho từng mục đích sử dụng.


Use microorganism to biodegrade pollutants, microorganisms attached to filtering materials’ surfaces, when water passes through this filtering layer, pollutants are degraded.